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Monday, November 28, 2011

week 21

I MISS THANKSGIVING!!! I will send some pictures of Elder Taylor's and my thanksgiving. It was definitly not the same, but we celebrated for sure. He did a trade of in Negril the day before, so Elder Gray and I taxi'ed out there that morning and served in the soup kitchen. It was pretty fun, definitly the most rockin soup kitchen in Negril since we were there... I think I've found my calling in life after that... I can see it now, big lights down the side of the strip in Vegas that says "SOUP!" I couldnt stop thinkin about Nacho Libre being making soup, it was very similar. BUT ANYWAYS! We went to Ricks Cafe and got the dog bowl ice cream dessert for our thanksgiving feast. Most delicious.
This week was good though, we got transfer calls on Saturday, we are staying in Sav (no surprise there). Things are still pretty slow as far as a teachign pool is concerened. We are teaching about 6 people I think, but 4 came to church on sunday and 3 have baptisms dates and are very very solid, reading their Book of Mormon, coming to church, definitly genuienly wanting to be baptised which is SHAAAAWEET! December will be a fast month for sure, I hit my 6 month mark Jan 6th! Crazy how fast things go. It doesnt seem like ive been here long at all though because the weather doesnt change. It's not as rainy as it was when I first got here, but its still hot and sunny every day.
We are so pumped for Christmas!! If we can find a computer to use on Christmas day at a members house or something, that means we can skype each other! How cool would that be?? I think that would be most triumphant. There isnt much Christmas celebration here. We saw that inside the bank they are decorationing but other than that, there isnt anything. The electricity bills here are ridicoulusly expensive anyways, so christmas lights are out of the question for most people. We have been singing Christmas songs though since the beginning of November and will probably sing them until at LEAST April. Gotta love Christmas!
This week we had some great lessons. One lady we are teaching is just so solid. She says yes to everything we teach her and at first we werent sure if she was just saying that or if she really cared, sure enough we went back after one day of not teaching her and she'd read all the intro, testimonies of witnesses, and the firstfour chapters of the Save about a year ago so its very nice, air conditioned and everything.
Elder Taylor and I are having a lot of fun here (but not to much fun... its obedient fun ;) ) Im going to send some pictures a bit later, so dont worry! You will have some! love you!
Elder Romney

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