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Monday, December 19, 2011

Tis the week before Christmas!

Hello hello hello!
ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS! We are SO stoked. Yeah, I've never sweat outside at Christmas time, so its definetly a new experience. But, we still have the Christmas spirit. Ill be skyping you guys at about 10:30 your time, right? Is that when you said would be best? Im so excited to see everyone!
This week was pretty good. Elder Taylor and I got sick, I caught a cold first and a sore throat and then he caught on to the stuffy nose. We had a Christmas party with the Negril branch in Negril friday night which was pretty fun. The food was delicious buuuuut gave Elder Taylor food poisening... sometimes food isnt prepared the most cleanly here so he was pretty miserable Saturday and I went through a almost two rolls of toilet paper blowing my nose, but we had a good time doing it! haha The highlight was definetly having N confirmed on Sunday. I was looking forward to doing it but I guess a member of the branch presidency has to do it (didn't know that) but I was still able to be in the circle and awesome nonetheless. She's so great, I'm grateful for the blessing she was into my life and that Elder Taylor and I were trusted with one of Heavenly Father's children. We are really starting to get along with the branch and are friends with them now. That makes Sunday's much more fun when you know who people are and can joke around with them. We are recieving more referrals (hallelujah) and so missionary work is goign to be picking up. It's been a slow start, and I keep saying that because some days it litterally feels like we are starting from scratch because some days we are, but things will and are getting better for sure.
I love the pictures! All those cookies and such make my mouth waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaater! I was telling Elder Taylor all about fruit loop cookies, and we are going to try and make some, wish us luck! Since we've had cooking gas, we have gone all Betty Crocker Martha Stewart in the kitchen. We wanted a tasty snack the other night so we got creative... home made funnel cake (Dad, listen up). If you deep fry buttermilk pancake batter, and put chocolate syrup and icing sugar on it, watch out... your body won't know what hit you! IT was delicious, ripped both of us in two, but sooo worth it haha. My new years resolution is to eat a little healthier.. I think its a good resolution :)
Anyways, that was about all that happened this week, pretty quiet! I am so stoked for the Christmas party, we are wearing matching rasta ties to it, gonna be lookin fresh! I will tell you all about it on Sunday at 10:30 your time! Email me back if that works!
Love you!
Elder Romney
PS: In the pictures you sent me... who is the baby?? Do I have a new baby brother???
PPS: A couple pics for you, check out the rasta CARDIGAN.. yeah, I bought a cardigan. Hard rocker Jackson bought a rasta cardigan... i amaze myself too...

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