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Monday, December 12, 2011

Dec. 12th letter (I can't stand counting the weeks-it makes time go too slow!

I love your Christmas tree! (Lynette's note-we made our family tree this year with nothing but gold and green lights and ornaments with little Jamaican Flags)  We love walking past the banks here because they are some of the only buildings with Christmas decorations up. As far as food goes, I've only had one loaf of white bread since I've been here, and that was my first week, I've been getting whole wheat every week since. We got cooking gas this week thanks to President and Sister Hendricks. They were all the way out here in Sav and already they took us to get some. So we went straight Betty Crocker and Martha Stuart last night and deep fried some dumplings (still working on the flour to water ratio) and Chiky's last night :) Chicky's are like a vannila oreo outside with strawberry frosting in the middle... yes not healthy at all, BUT I didn't drink much soda this week, I only had two, and my face is like butter. Definetly watching the soda from now on, I dig not having acne! It's a nice change. Fruits, yeah.... there isn't much fruit here to be honest. It's not in season, but summer time there are mongos and guinepp and all sorts of fruit. I drink Tropicana at KFC, that counts right? ;) 

The baptism was great! Things went pretty smoothly, getting the branch to sit down for it was a gong show for some reason, with little kids and such. That was kinda frustrating, but we held it right after church and it was awesome. Elder Taylor did the baptism, there was lots of people there, we got a picture with her, the Spirit was so strong, I loved it! She was very happy as well. She is receiving the Holy Ghost next sunday at church and she asked me if I would give it to her, so that will be exciting as well. We had an investigator at the baptism too and he said he liked it a lot which is shaweeeeet. Things are good!
The rest of the week was kinda slow. We still don't have many people to teach so we are doing a lot of referall hunting and finding still. We were focused on meeting with N more than anything this week. It POURED on Thursday! It hasnt rained like this since August. We were soaking wet, Elder Taylor had an umbrella, I on the other hand, flew without one and goodness sakes, I was wet haha And cold! It gets cold here at night when you're wet!
Oh! Big news! We tracked down a computer and soooooo we will be skyping this Christmas! I need to know what the time difference is exactly between me and you and when works for you for us to call. You guys will have to create an account on skype and give me the address of it so when I log on I can type it in and call you. Im so excited! So Definetly let me know those thigns in this email because it will be the last one before Christmas! I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I don't think I will ever ask for anything for Christmas again, kickin it with you guys will be good enough. Defienetly one thing my mission has done for me is made me appretiate what I have. And I will be sending your package this week! You will love it, hopefully everything fits... better delete that part before the kids see! haha
In other news, it's election time here in Jamaica and everyone goes crazy for them. Its PNP (orange) and JLP (green) and both are having huge rallies here in Sav as we speak. I can feel the bass of the speaker towers in the internet shop right now, its nuts. We avoid them at all costs because Pres. told us to and because its stupid to be around them. They get pretty crazy, we arent allowed to wear green or orange ties because some people are lookin for a reason to beat the snot outta ya. But either way, things here in Sav are getting better! 

Tell the family I love them, I was thinking about Grandpa on Saturday too. Family temple day sounded like it was awesome. Well I love you all! 

Tell CJ Ive been waiting for an email from that homeboy!!
Elder Romney

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