Elders McCleod and Romney

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas email

Hey mom!
It was awesome talkin to you guys! It was definetly a breath of fresh air. Elder Taylor had a great talk with his family too, I love Christmas!
After we got done talking to you and Elder Taylor's family we just went home. We were pretty out of it, I was soooo tired. We talked all about our families and stuff, and before I knew it I had fell asleep on the matress couch. I've eaten nothing but candy and jerky over the past two days! That is what we would call a Merry Christmas! :)
Yes, Jamaican's pose for everything! It's hilarious, guys and girls both. Sis. Dixon is probably 38-40ish. she has 5 kids who are all homies, I love that family. Whenever we are havin a rough day, goin over to the D's for a little bit puts us in a good mood. One day we went over there, my acne was really bad, and Sis. D (in only the way a mother could) says "Elder Romney, have you been eating to many sweeties (candy)?" "Yes..." "Have you been drinking lots of soda? "Yes...." "I can tell... Thats not good for you!" haha And then she gave me a whole list of tasty things that are healthier than soda and told me if I go and buy this special tea that purifys your blood and clears up your face, she would make it for me every week. The tea sounded absolutly disgusting so I chose to kick back on the sugar instead and drink more water, but she is awesome.
I miss the ward choir! And am glad that you guys did well as usual.
Well I cant' think of anythign else to say that wasnt said yesterday, we are havin a quite week for sure. I loved talking toyou guys! I cant wait for Mothers Day! I love you mom!!
PS: The picture with us and all of our shaweet sweaters is our boy band.We are called The Card Agains... get it???

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