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Monday, February 6, 2012

another baptism more pics

Hola Familia,

You didn't like my tie?? haha I bought it for 5 bills last week and couldn't wait to rock it to church. I think it's pretty slick, but that's just me :)

You guys look like you are having so much fun! I loved the pictures, seeing you guys and seeing my second family (The Bise Family) all kickin' it over DELICIOUS looking food. The twins and Mac are starting to look older, they aren't the little 11 year olds I taught in primary anymore that's for sure. I love getting letters, so yes, letters are always fine by me! I need to figure out how to get these pictures on my camera so I can have them to look at. That's what I like the most is pictures. Children: Take advantage of hanging out with your family! (My wise words for the day). 
Well this week was pretty awesome. Sis. J's baptism was so great! It couldn't have gone any better. We had a couple branch members there which was so great. Having the support of the branch is sooooo critical, and Sister J always says how much she loves coming to church and the friends she has there. So that was good, even better was that her husband was able to come. He works about 45 minutes away and doesn't live with Sis. J, but he was able to taxi down and support her being baptized. He isn't baptized himself, but it was such a cool thing to see him be so excited for his wife and the decision she was making and being completely supportive of it. We joked with him telling him "You're next!" You could see how intent he was listening to the talks on baptism and the Holy Ghost. He's a super nice guy. The baptism itself went well. Nobody was dropped or slipped, Elder Taylor nailed it. She was so excited to receive the Holy Ghost, that's why we had the baptism on Saturday so she could receive it on Sunday and not have to wait a whole week. She has a really good understanding of the gospel principles and she is so ready to learn more. We gave her about 7 different Liahona magazines and she's always reading them or the scriptures. Go Sister J go!

Another cool thing about this week was our new investigator S. We met her on the road on one of our many finding expeditions this week. She lives very close to us which is nice, so we had a lesson with her and invited her to church. We invite everyone to church that we talk to on the street, and for the most part if you can get one person out of 100 to come, it's a blessing. Finding (tracting) isn't the most effective way to do missionary work, but it has its place and is needed. She said she was going to come to church, so we were hopeful for sure. We roll into church at about 9:40 and sure enough, sitting down and in church even before us is S. She loved church and said that she is coming back next week. She's been to sooo many churches here and says that she loved how positive everyone here is in this church. We taught her part of the Restoration and really focused on the Apostasy and how when Christ and the Apostles were killed there wasn't any authority on the Earth. It was a great lesson. She is very intent and seems sincere.. woohoo!

In other news, it's my 7 month mark today! 7 months ago at this time I would've been sitting in the sky flying to the Boise Airport I think. Time is smoking by! It's crazy, I am as old and Elder Taylor was when we first started our companionship, and he is as old and Elder Nelson was when Elder Nelson started training me. Moral of the story, time is cookin' by.

You know what else is cooking? Eggs and sweet peppers in the morning! Yes ma'am, I'm a healthy eating FOOL. And I like it. It's a good feeling. Yep, eggs in the morning, I bought about 6 peppers that I put in everything, baked beans for lunch or a can of soup, usually just a snack for dinner if not another can of beans. We bought out Shoppers Fair of all their Campbells Maple and Hicory BBQ baked beans and I'm out now... I might have to switch it up and find something else. I've been doing 100 pushups a day now for two weeks, and am doing 120 a day now, along with some other core stuff. It's been good! Yay for being healthy! haha Oh man, It was also sooo nice yesterday, we were at a recent convert's house and about to head home to break our fast and before we could get up we had this plate of delectable rice and peas and a FAT piece of chicken in our hands.... MMMM. It was soo good, probably the best meal I've had in a couple weeks.  

Josh turns 19 in October??? Wow! When does Dally Wally turn 19? and Cody E. and the crew? That's pretty crazy. Everyone is growing up!

The pictures don't really need explaining I think... Me and Elder Taylor, Me and Elder Weir, Me and Elder Weir trying to pose really tough and me busting up because we both know we aren't gangsters, Sis. J and us, Sis. J and Elder Taylor, Sis. J and her husband, and my Cap'n Crunch hat Elder Taylor made me (by smashing it on my head).... the life of a missionary!

Well I love you guys! Thanks again for the emails each week, I love hearing wa gwaan back on the home front. Love you!

Elder Romney

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