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Monday, February 20, 2012

transfer calls


Sick all week? That sounds like no fun! But I busted up pretty hard at the pictures, you guys are funny. This week has been exciting and has smoked by! It was probably one of the fastest weeks on my mission. Heres why!:

So Tuesday we were finally able to do some service!! It's so strange, we offer service to anyone, chopping yards, helping with chores, literally anything they want help with we offer to help and NO one takes us up... maybe they think white boys can't handle it? We don't know, but we were walking out to Sis. J Monday night and we walked past a lady and said goodnight and she stopped us and said "Will you guys help me like the last missionaries?" Heck yes we will! She is way cool, her name is K, but we call her Red Ras (because she's a red headed rasta woman, see the picture). So Tuesday morning we rolled over there at 10 and helped her put up a couple windows in her shop she's building. Jamaican construction is something else haha We use a machete for everything but a hammer, so we cut this window to fit perfect, put on the hinges and such, it was nice to do some work. She is selling tools from her shop, like hammers and screwdrivers, and we told her to sell Dr. Pepper instead of Pepsi and she will have the missionaries over at her shop everyday... Can't find DP to save our life! So from there we went to Sis. J house and did some plumbing work. We layed some PVC pipe from her neighbors water line and put a direct line to her house so now she has running water outside her house. We dug up the ground so the pipe would be underground and holy smokes.... I know why they call it JamROCK. Jamaica is just a big rock!! I thought digging in the garden was a workout, no sir! Elder Taylor accidentally broke the pickaxe so we started taking the shovel to it, slamming it into the ground like I was trying to dig out a faceoff for the Canucks. It was a lot of fun, got a nice tan, Sis. J was so thankful. It's crazy the little things we take for granted, like running water. She is so awesome, her testimony of the Gospel is so strong. In the Gospel Essentials class she wants to participate so bad but is still new and learning so she can't answer some of the questions the teacher asks her, but to solve that we go over the Chapter we will be discussing the next week with her before Sunday so she can participate. She's the equivillant to my Jamaican Grandma. She always says "And how are my Elders doing??" and calls us when we leave her house after dark to make sure none of the "bad mon" troubled us. She's great!

We had a trade off on Wednesday and Thursday with the Zone Leaders. I stayed here with Elder Ostberg while Elder Taylor went to Santa Cruz and Elder Weir went to Kingston to do some paperwork for his Visa. It was a lot of fun, a bust appointment wise, but we did some good finding and were able to deliver some patriarchal blessings from Kingston to the branch members. They were so excited! It was awesome to see how excited they were to have them. 

Investigator wise, we have some good news and not as good news. We have two people who should be getting baptized in two weeks! They are daughters of a member, one is 14 and reminds me SOO much of Summer, and the other is 9. Both very smart, kinda quiet but very nice girls. We watched the Joseph Smith movie with their family this week, that is a great movie, a tear jerker every time. They had a couple questions, but the Spirit was very strong. They have a very nice house in a quiet neighborhood, being inside is like being in an American house. Nice and quiet, no distractions, I imagine it would be a lot like teaching in a States mission. It was a little weird at first sitting on a couch, I felt like I was going to get it dirty haha But having a good environment to teach in so critical, and if you don't have one, you have to make where ever you are at work. We've been having lessons at the church lately which makes a huge difference, it's just so nice to teach in there. The not so good news is that we haven't heard from S for a while and she wasn't at church. Talked to her last Monday and had a good lesson, we are trying to get her boyfriend to take the lessons with us too, she was going to talk to him but we haven't heard back from her as yet. We are praying for the best!

Now, the exciting news.... TRANSFER CALLS took me by complete surprise. Elder Taylor is going to Freeport Bahamas (we've known that for quite a while but we didn't know if he was going to leave this transfer). So he's going there, Elder Weir will be leaving to America March 5th aaaaaaand I am also getting transferred, but not yet. So two new missionaries (new to Sav) are coming Wednesday as well as my new companion Elder McLeod who is a Jamaican and used to be my zone leader in Spanish Town, he's way cool, stud missionary, the three of them are coming to Sav and I will be showing the new Sav missionaries the area for about a week or two, after which Elder McLeod and I will be going to Junction where he will be the branch president. Crazy! Elder Taylor leaves this evening and his flight leaves tomorrow. It's going to be weird without him! Me and him, everyday for 4 months, gonna miss that guy, but I'm stoked to serve with Elder McLeod. A little bit about junction, it is VERY bush. Super bush. All they have there is a tiny little Juicy Patties and a couple cookshops. And its HUGE! So, today I'll be lubing up my bicycle and getting that bad boy prepped and ready. I've never served in a real bush area, so I'm excited for that. Lots of riding because its a farm town and everything is spread out, PLUS farming= fresh fruit cheap year round! Yum! I'm exited to see what missionary work will be like when my companions calling is to run a branch. It will be cool! Junction is now a four missionary area, because the Sister missionaries are also there. Junction sounds like a nice quiet farm town, not something I'm used to thus far on my mission! So yep, thats the big news of the week, bouncing from Sav to Junction. It's about two hours away but still in the Mandeville zone. 

That is so sweet James and Lisa are naming one of the Ethopian boys Jett!! That makes my day! haha "Yeah, my cousin is Jett Lee, no big deal." :) Thank you for sending the shoes too! My feet will be so happy! I love you all, have a great week!!

Elder Romney 

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