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Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's in Jamaica

Monday morning in Jamrock is going as usual. Got up this morning, worked out, cleaned off my desk (it was pretty messy) cleaned up the house a little bit, studied, and then got in a taxi and am at the email shop! This email shop is very nice. Air conditioned, quiet, and cheap. And they have snacks here in case mid email session you feel the need for some cheese stix or Banana Chips, its a win win. I love P-days! After we email we go to the church and throw the football around (I inherited one from a missionary, whoohoo!). It's a lot of fun. We are teaching Elder Weir how to play, I imagine it would be like him teaching me how to play cricket or how to kick a soccer ball without it going over the fence. He's getting better!
This week.... this week was interesting. We would plan and prepare as usual, plan a nice full day and litterally every appointment fell though but maybe one in a day. We would call to make sure that the person was home and they wouldn't be there, or we would roll over to the appointment and not be there or be to busy to have a lesson... you could say we logged some serious miles on the tracting shoes this week. There isn't anything wrong with finding, but it's always nice to be able to teach a lesson in a day rather than just roam the streets looking for anything that moves to talk to. I know there's missions where thats all they do is find and I tip my hat to them haha 

But nonetheless, we were blessed. It was Saturday morning, we had planned for a full morning and afternoon and we were calling to confirm again and sure enough, they all fell through. We had to be up at the church in the afternoon so we didn't want to go finding to far away... So we decided to just stand outside the church and talk to everyone that passes by. There is usually a decent number of people leaving our area in the mornings and they have to pass the church, so there was no way of getting out of talking to the missionaries... people must sleep in on Saturday mornings because even that was slow! haha But we were able to talk to the few people that walked by and try and spread the news that way. We've been getting a little more creative with out finding efforts. We were about to go home for lunch when a taxi drove past and one of our investigators was in it and waved. We waved back and as I was going to call her and tell her to come back, she called me and said "Don't leave! I'm coming back!" So we were able to have a great lesson with her at the church. She's 18, very smart, can read and understand things well and that is a blessing in itself to teach her. Seems like the last couple people we have been teaching either aren't listening or really really really have a hard time understanding. But I've become a pro at teaching simply and thats something I can still work on a lot. We spent a lot of time having lessons with recent converts this week too which is always good, making sure they are still understandning and have that testimony. Lasting conversion is what we're trying to achieve.
We have lots of fun even when we are on four hour finding sprees though, getting along with your companions makes all the difference, and I have to great comps so days still are enjoyable. This Saturday was really fun. The branch put on a Valentines dinner! It was pretty legit. In the afternoon we helped set up all the tables and chairs in the parking lot outside and we blew up balloons and did fancy little streamer things around the light posts, it looked nice. 7:00 rolled around and we played security while everyone was inside doing the opening part of it. It's amazing how many people think they can just roll up and are entitled to food. It was just for the branch members and investigators that were at church last Sunday so S was there. I think she enjoyed herself. She is doing good, couldn't make it to church yesterday but she lives close so we are able to go check her often. Anyways, we ran security, then when it was time to eat, we turned into fine dining servers! haha It was like serving at the resturant all over again, running back and forth with full plates of food and bringing back the dirty plates, filling cups with juice, washing dishes, crackin' jokes, it was a lot of fun for me. I think I still got the touch... as in nobody had their food dropped or had their drink spilled on them haha I did though step in a candle that was on the ground and now I have dried candle wax all over my ankle part of my pants... that was the only party foul though! Not too shabby. Elder Taylor and Elder Weir enjoyed it too and the branch was very thankful which made it worth it. Not to mention the FEAST they sent us home with! Rice and peas, about 10 fried fish, and three MONSTER peices of cheescake. Oh yes, there was definetly no pushups happening Saturday night. I snapped a picture for you guys to see what a delicious Jamacian meal looks like. 
It's pretty crazy how fast this transfer went. We get calls this Saturday, so this could possibly be my last week with my two compeniero's. Elder Weir got his Visa and will be leaving March 5th, he's pretty stoked for that. We keep tellingh him how cool the MTC is, and how much food he's going to get there, and how fat he will be when he leaves! I look at pictures of me when I left and goodness sakes.... I was rather husky :) 
Thank you for sending more pictures today! I love pictures. I hope to get your package soon too! I will probably get it by next week at transfers, thanks again for sending me stuff. I reaaaaaallly appretiate it :) Nothing beats mail on your mission! 
I'm attaching a picture of my shoes... nice Jamaican shoes can't handle walking Jamaican roads all day... We might have to do something about that. I don't need new ones, but I thought these would last me at least a year and I've only had them for four months and I'm hoping they last until my birthday. One thing we should've done better is buy a good pair of shoes before I came out. If you're near Nordstom Rack this week, maybe take a look and see wa gwaan in the shoe isle.
That triatholon sounds fun, for a champ like you thats like you're warm up ;) I think it would be fun to to a little triatholon. Crazy I know, beacuse before I got here you couldn't find me anywhere close to running one of those, minds change over time though. I definelty am going to remain friends with my companions after my mission. I've only had three, and all of them are awesome. Elder Nelson and Elder Taylor might be scheming a way to get to my homecoming and we've talked about a weekend in Burley, Idaho where Elder Taylor's grandpa's farm is. Thats something really cool about my mission is the people I've been able to meet, companions of Jamaicans. Im going to be coming home with more friends than I left with, which is always a bonus.
Well thats about it for me, I love you! Have a great week!
Elder Romney

                                 Kenny, Me, and Randy, thuggin' at the Valentines day dinner

                                                                             the trio
Me, Bro. Lewis, and Elder taylor... Bro. Lewis is a really good friend of ours

tasty fish

my lovely shoes!

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