Elders McCleod and Romney

Monday, February 27, 2012

Two baptisms scheduled!

Hey there fam-

Man, what a week! Thats really crazy how small the world is, my
mission is just making it smaller. That pic on Dellon Campbells
facebook- Elder Campbell was trained by Elder Nelson as well.

This week was definitly something else. Elder Taylor left Monday
evening and man, its weird spending 120 days with the same person,
everyday, and then them just leaving. But, all is well, I'm gonna
shoot him an email and see how much he is lovin the Bahamas. That is a
pretty cool experience. We were figuring out the math once and every
one in one thousand mission calls is to Jamaica, and then while you're
here there are only 8 people off island at a time, and about 50
missionaries here, after that I don't know where the math goes but
basically not many people can say they've served in either Grand
Cayman, Turks, or Bahamas, almost none. Crazy town, eh? Anyways, he
left Monday, Tuesday Elder Weir and I did some nice quality finding,
as well as on Wednesday. Wednesday night we had about 11 missionaries
stay the night at out house because bringing missionaries all the way
out here after transfers always turns into a late night for the Zone
Leaders, so they crashed at the house and left in the morning. That
was way cool, talking to some missionaries I've heard of but never got
to know. The joy of a small mission- You know everyone haha

My new companion is way cool. His name is Elder McLeod (which is
funny after what you said about the facebook comments, probably his
mom).. He's a 6'4'' Jamaican... and im a 5'9'' white bwoy... I'm sure
it's quite the sight us walking down the street. He's awesome, we are very
excited to serve together and to get to Junction. We will be in Sav
for about another week, showing Elder Paxman and Elder Snelson around
the area. We took them to all the members already and they know the
investigators so now Elder McLeod and I just go find and get
potentials for them and then give them all the numbers each night.
It's weird being here knowing that your area is waiting for you...
"Patience young Padawan, patience".

This week we had something very exciting happen... we are having two
baptisms next Sunday! Yes Ma'am! S and A are getting baptised
on Sunday after church. They are daughters of a member but haven't
been baptised. They feel like my little sisters. They asked if I would
baptize both of them (exciting!), so I tried on my baptismal pants
last night to make sure they fit... Then I remembered all the weight
I've lost and they fit like they're supposed too now haha But yes,
that is a huge blessing, having two baptisms before we leave. I'm so
grateful for that, they are superstars. 

Seriously, I feel I've learned more from this last 4 months about life then I have in the first 19
years. It's crazy. My testimony has grown so much since I've been here and I look at why I was sent here and what I was supposed to learn through all the trials and more
frustrating things that have happened and it's crazy that there were
still people here for me, Elder Romney, to teach. I
laughed, I cried, it moved me Bob!... yeah, that was a Veggie Tales
reference, beleive it.

Jordyn Hanley is getting married??? Exciting! I wanna see some
pictures of her and the lucky dude that threw a rock on it. That
makes two friends now that have been married off since I've been out,
Lexi and Jordyn, any that I haven't heard about yet?

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. Emails are funny because in
the beginning, what you wrote on Monday, I was feeling bummed you're sick again, but by the end of the email, Sunday, you're better haha

Well fam, I'll send some pictures next week, I don't have many this
week aaaand I forgot my chord, my bad. You guys enjoy the snow and
I'll enjoy the weather over here :) 9 degrees sounds ridiculous. I was
talking to Sis. Hendricks yesterday and she gets the Seattle and
Tacoma channels and was watching the news and said "Elder Romney
you're home is getting hammered with snow! Aren't you glad you're
here?" haha it was funny, she's like a mom to us out here. I also
asked her what she does while President Hendricks is in long meetings,
and she showed me a little bit how to knit... maybe I'll knit a
tuke while Elder McLeod is doing all his Branch President stuff haha
The joke is that I'm like the Branch President's wife, but I told him
not to expect a warm meal when he gets home, don't call me to be the
Releif Society President, and if he ever calls me "honey" I'll light
him a new one haha I love you guys!

Elder Romney

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