Elders McCleod and Romney

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bold and Plain


Sounds like you guys never stop being busy! I love hearing about what every one is up to during their week. Football, strolling strings, the latest happenings in the singles ward and DQ, farms, machine shops, you guys do it all. 

Yes, there were plenty of doors knocked this week. Wednesday alone we knocked out the rest of this area we've been knocking. It was good, had an entire array of conversations. The first door let us right in and we started talking and teaching, we have focused so hard on being as plain and bold in our speech as we can because we felt like no one was getting it. We are talking to a husband and wife and explaining that the authority of Jesus Christ was only given to the apostles, and when they died and Christ was crucified the authority was taken from the Earth and that the olny way to receive that authority is by the laying on of hands by someone holding the authority already just like Christ did. Then after explaining that there is only one prophet on the Earth at a time (because that's how God works) the man says " I believe everything that you are saying, but you are prophets!" and proceeded to tell us all about how he cast a devil out of his wife 20 years ago and how through the Holy Spirit we all receive the authority. After about 20 minutes we finally just bore testimony that the things we share are true and asked them to pray about it. It was good though, all we can do is invite. 

Another lady, this one was funny, we are talking to her fully grown son outside and she calls him inside. About 30 seconds later from inside the house by the window the lady says "I go to church, my pastor told me about you, I don't want what you have". We ask her if she's ever read the Book of Mormon or been to our church and she says "No I haven't and I'm not going to, actually you know what? I'm not even going to entertain this conversation" and just walks away. It sounds harsh, but it adds a little color to your door knocking and is better than setting a return appointment and then them not being there. We made a few return appointments this week, none of last weeks turned out. We're in a bit of a slump these days. As the saying goes "Put on your rally caps and hit yourself out of it"- swing swing swing!

We receive a couple referrals this week! That was a HUGE plus. We finally were able to meet with G- it's probably been three weeks since we've had a good sit down lesson with her. She is working SO much and whenever we head over there she has picked up another shift or her schedule changed and she's not there. But we finally were able to have a great lesson with her, and she mentioned that her daughter B was talking about coming out to church. She wants so bad to be sealed to them in the temple. Our other referral came yesterday from a member at church- we will check on her today and see how she's doing. We made some awesome handouts to help with seeking referrals from member. In the evenings we are going to visit members and get them pumped about missionary work and have them pray over a list of people they associate with who they feel is ready to hear the gospel message. We're hoping for the best!

This week is our conference. Elder Taylor and Hitchcock are coming out Thursday morning for a trade off, then Friday evening Elder Zivic and President Hendricks and their wives and the Assistants are flying in. Elder Zivic is having a fireside at the church and 7 Friday evening, then Saturday morning at 8 is our Zone Conference and they fly out to Cayman that afternoon. Pretty short trip for them but it will be great. I'm very excited to learn from President Hendricks (as always) and Elder Zivic as well. It's going to be a great week!

Speaking of beets, have you ever had beet root juice? It's pretty good, we would drink it on the rock every once in a while. You should trick the kiddies and make some, put it in the juice container, and watch them freak out with they taste it... and get it on video haha  

Sis. Powell is a sweet lady. I'll never forget all the service projects at their house followed by fudgesicles and soda. 

Well Momma, have a great week. Good luck with the harvest fair thursday- a 4 foot long zuchini always makes for a great display :) You're the best! I love you!!

Elder Romney 

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