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Monday, October 1, 2012

Time is flying

Hey Momma,

Freezing temperatures?? Yikes... I guess it's about that time though, eh? Bro. D told us it was still 80 in Spokane and I couldn't believe it! I hope you can get all the tomatoes in before the cold- I remember one year we put a tarp over them in the garden and it frosted that night and ruined them all, walking out there that FREEZING morning. I'm going to be such a Nancy to the cold. 

I remember that day at Subway with Haley- I actually told that same story to Elder Worley this week as we passed a Nassau Subs. What was the worst, is that my nose was running so bad and I was out of napkins! I'm sure Haley was thinking "Why on earth do I let myself be seen in public with this guy??" That was a fun day. 

Well this week was much much better than last. In looking at our situation, the most important thing we could be doing right now is finding and trying to receive referrals from members. So that's what we did. We didn't get any referrals but we went finding everyday for a good chunk of time. Instead of knocking in places where we know missionaries have been before, we branched out and are focusing on one area. It's actually the area that C lives (the woman we met in Wendy's my first day in Nassau). We met up with her this week as well. We were driving down the east west highway and she was driving next to us. She rolled down her window and was so excited to see us haha Yelled out that her phone hasn't been working and that we should come by, so we did. She's doing well. No more progress Spiritually, but she's doing well. Anyways, so we've been knocking out in that area. It's fairly new, which made it a gong show to find in the first place because the map we have is 10 years old and for the life of us we cannot find another good map anywhere. There aren't any churches in the subdivision, ton's of houses to knock, it's a good spot. We've knocked about half of it. We had a number of return appointments made this week which was awesome. A couple people kept their appointments, a couple didn't but for good reasons, they weren't giving us the slip. We met a lady named V who seems quite interested, very down to earth. We knocked into a Jamaican! She's from St. Elizabeth, lived just outside of Santa Cruz, which is about 30 minutes from Junction. I love running into Jamaicans. We picked up on her accent immediately and asked her where she was from. She's been to church before but has a job that requires her to work on Sunday, but is open and willing to listen and ask for time off to come to church. We met a couple other people that we are seeing this week, something I have struggled with my whole mission is letting people know what our purpose is as missionaries. The first lesson we have with an investigator usually gets eaten up by questions and answers and teaching about the Book of Mormon and such. When this happens, these people don't understand the seriousness of our meetings, that this isn't just a Bible study and that we aren't two young fellas who are just trying to make friends. That's going to be this weeks focus is making sure that right off the bat people know what our purpose is. I think this way we won't have to deal with as many people who are more interested in us than the message of the Restoration.

A was at church! He came for Sacrament meeting, that was awesome. A man who sticks to his word- who would've thought. He's a great guy, he works nights now so we will be able to see him more often in the afternoon. He started the Book of Mormon already, hopefully will be coming out to conference either Saturday or Sunday, things are looking pretty good. 

CONFERENCE! AHH! Conference is the best two days for a missionary besides Christmas eve and Christmas. Watch conference, eat food. Watch more conference, eat more food. Crazy to think this time last year I was in Maypen with Elder Nelson and now I'm all the way out here and he's back home! Time flies, I seriously don't know where the last 4 months have gone. We had a dinner appointment with an awesome family named the D's yesterday. Sis. D is from Jamaica and always cooks us curry chicken. So good! Bro. D and us and F (a recently returned missionary) were shooting mission stories and we all agreed that conference is the greatest weekend ever. Bro. D served in Fresno and F served in the West Indies. F's mission sounds similar to ours, and Bro. D's is so much different! I guess that's the difference between a young church in a foreign mission and an established church in a stateside mission. 

I very well could be outta here before Christmas, so sending stuff to the mission office would be best for sure. I honestly don't need much. A couple ties, I would like a new white shirt or two. I'm down to 4 shirts and literally all the shirts at Solomon's are filthy and stained. I'm not sure how they can sell such filthy shirts. If I find a clean one I'll snatch it for sure. We have a washer and dryer here so having 4 shirts and 2 pairs of pants isn't a big deal, but I think the dryer has caused my white shirts to become shorter, not much to tuck in! When I discovered this I told Elder Worley I think I'm getting taller, so we measured.. nope, it's definitely the dryer. I'm gonna buy a new pair of pants at the end of October I think (try and drop a few pounds before a new pair of pants). There is a store here that have all sorts of sizes and nice pants for about $40. That's really all I need though is a couple more white shirts. When looking for white shirts, see if you can find any that are an athletic fit as opposed to a classic or regular fit. I would love a couple of those, they fit nicer. So yeah, a couple white shirts, pictures, couple ties, the same Canucks pull over sweatshirt that Dad has :) That thing is sweet! Don't send that though- it will get no use out here. What do you want for Christmas??? I've already picked out what I wanna get you and the fam but if there are any requests be sure to let me know! 

Well Momma, thanks again for the emails. I really really really really REALLY appreciate them. I love you!! The pictures attached are of me and the motley crew of girls we see once a week- Whitney, Rudolph, Nelly, and Minishka- that's my gang! And a sunset we hit last night- it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. It's so interesting how just looking at a sunset and hearing the ocean can put you in a peaceful mood, fostering spiritual promptings. I would love to live by an ocean. In sacrament meeting, F (the returned missionary) was about to tell a story and he says " I want to tell this story, and really it goes for Elder Worley and Elder Romney, directly applying to their work now." He told the story of the man walking down the beach throwing the starfish one by one. An old man told him he couldn't save them all, you won't make any difference, to which the man waling the beach picked up a starfish and threw it into the ocean and said "I made a difference for that one". I choked up a bit thinking about Grandpa and how that was his favorite story, then taking those same thoughts to that sunset, I couldn't help but be overpowered by a feeling of peace and love. I know that Heavenly Father is aware of my circumstances and my prayers- that has been manifest to me many times on my mission. Our family members who've passed on are so much closer than we think and the deeper my testimony grows, the more I understand that. 

I love you! Have a fantastic week!

Elder Romney 

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