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Monday, October 8, 2012

snakes in the chapel?

Hey momma!

Conference weekend!! WHOO HOO! Holy SMOKES! That was probably the best General Conference I've ever heard! Every talk was just boom boom boom, I couldn't take notes fast enough. Mission at 18 and 19! WHAT??! Elder Worley and I about threw our bag of chex mix and chips at the projector screen when we heard that! Which would've been ok, we were the only ones in the building for the morning session of conference, but YIKES! How sweet is that????? What a blessing. That is SUCH a good idea. I would've loved to buzz out here after high school. Get home when you're 20? Yes yes yes! With as much notice as Mac has, he could save his money long before he turns 18. Dad does have a good point, I learned SO much that last year of working and has helped me in the mission field a lot. I guess it will just be up the the little nipper. That is so cool for Haley to be able to leave so much earlier! I would love to see her before she leaves, if she leaves. After Christmas would be a nice time to go for her if she goes. And Perrin and Jeffy, Tony, Shaun, all of them could be outta here before I got home! Boy oh boy, what a blessing. That announcement started off conference with such a bang, then Quinten L. Cook's talk right after put the nail in the coffin, I love conference. 

I think my favourite talk had to be Jeffrey R. Holland's talk. Hands down that was one of the best talks I've ever heard in my life. His talk was about the Apostles after Christ left. The apostles were only three years old in the gospel and now had the task of leading the church- I think about even the most solid convert, and after three years being put in the position to run the ENTIRE church?? That would be so overwhelming. In their time of extreme pressure and in being overwhelmed they went back to what they knew- fishing. As they fished and tirelessly caught nothing, Christ appears and says in effect "Children, cast your nets on the right side of the boat". They do, and who woulda thought, 153 fishes filled their breaking nets. They recognized it was the Saviour and went to shore to eat. The part that really got me was when Elder Holland made the connection to Christ asking Peter three times if he loved Him and Peter being asked if he knew Christ three times and denying Him. That is just so interesting. The part that really really got me was when he made the connection to what "Feed my Sheep" could mean in our day. In effect, he said to Peter (in effect)  "If you love me, then what are we doing at this same sea, on this same shore, with these same nets doing the same thing as when I first called you to the Apostleship. Didn't you learn anything those three years? Do you think as the Scribes do that my church has ended because of my death? I need disciples, Not fisherman! I need someone who is going to carry my church on, someone who is willing to make the sacrifice." Then to just hit the home run, he pulls the line (not a direct quote, but close enough) "Any returned missionary who's stood in the waters of baptism, raised their arm to the square and said the words Having been commissioned of Jesus Christ, can never go home and be the same person. Those words change the life of your convert and most certainly should change the life of you the missionary." Nailed that one! Such a good talk. All of them were great. 

That's bad news about Grandpa Dan and Uncle Joe. Both of those are great great men. I've only met Uncle Joe a couple times when I was younger, but we was just a real nice guy. Grandpa Dan- I remember in 7th grade bringing him to the Veterans Day assembly, and in the library having all the Veterans bring some pictures and he brought his Purple Heart, listening to his stories about flying- I'm sure Grandma Dottie is just giddy on the other side to have him with her. That will be such a sweet reunion. Grandma Dottie not having Alzheimers anymore, Grandpa not being sick, he'll probably make his way over to Grandpa Jenks and give that big fella a hug, very cool to think about. 

Oh under the train tressle. I wasn't the biggest fan of that on the homefront. I haven't been under one in quite some time I think but it's safe to say that after going through some of the things I have out here, a whimpy train tressle won't make me feel uneasy whatsoever. Not saying I'm Mr. tough guy- there was a snake in the chapel the other day... thankfully we were notified after Bro. D and taken it back outside. Snakes... still not my best friends.

We had a cool blessing this week. We had a lot of office work to do this week and it seemed like we couldn't get any momentum going in our week. Friday our two appointments blew out as well as the recent convert we were going to see, so we went to our prime door knocking location and had another moment of not wanting to knock. But, learning from previous experiences, we prayed to get one return appointment out of the doors we knocked. We only had about 30 minutes, but we were wanting to get something done. First door we knock, a man answers and is very friendly, super interested, invited us in and we talked about about 20 minutes all about Joseph Smith and the restoration. We are seeing him tomorrow at 4:30. Prayer answered. I know that nothing is to great or to small to ask for as we recognize our answers and understand that they will come in Heavenly Fathers time. Not ours. 

Well that's about it over here, gearing up for a fantastic week of finding, and then next week we have Zone Conference with Elder Claudio D. Zivic of the Seventy coming out. Have a great week! I love you! 

Elder Romney

PS- Sis. S has been baking for us almost everyday (bless her heart! She's a fantastic cook) and this was the banana bread... I think Elder Worley was feeling a little silly that day. 

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