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Monday, October 31, 2011

week 17

Hey there fam!

my shift key on the keyboard is sticky so i might not have the right punctuation on some things.... just to let you know! ok, questions off the top: Nope, no package from Amanda.. which makes me saaaaaaaad!! Elder Taylor and I live in a four man house with Elder Hitchcock and Elder Collucci and then the Zone leaders have the other side of Spanish Town so there is 6 missionaries here. Makes for some pretty rad P-days and days in general. We have been prankin Elders Hitchcock and Colluci pretty good... it gives everyone a laugh after a long day :) Pres. and Sis. Hendricks finish their mission about the time I finish mine too, two weeks before or something like that.

ok, SPANISH TOWN! It is awesome here, I love it already. Our branch is so awesome, there is two branches, The ZL's are in the other branch, same building though. We meet at 11:30 and we have some studs in there. Our Elder Quorum president and Mission leader come teaching with us all the time. They are so dependable, and teaching with a member present is so much more effective because the investigator already now has a connection to someone in the branch. This week smoked by but at the same time I feel like I’ve been here for month's already. since we are white washing, its like starting from scratch. We are taking the approach of using the branch and lots of referrals instead of aimlessly calling at gates all day (we don’t knock on doors, we call at the gate). And wow, talk about effective! We have four solid investigators, one of which is named R. His sister had been taught by missionaries and he would just listen and sit in but we called him up and he got to the church, found fare somehow, and knows so much about the church already. Accepted to be baptized on Nov. 20th and i can see the blessings he's already received. For one he doesn't have a job... not true anymore. Our Elder quorum pres. hooked him up, he also was at the church when a senior couple was there and they gave him a shirt and two full schoolbags of notebooks, pencils, color pencils, the whole nine yards for his two little sisters. Its awesome, its building my faith the more and more we are teaching him. He came to church Sunday as well. He was late and we were really bummed out but I was fasting for him to come to church and whala, he came for the last part of sacrament meeting and the rest of church. 17 years old and a sick kid.

White washing is new to me, but we literally talk to everyone and invite everyone to church. Everyone. Every human. It's cool. None of them came but still, there's a promise in Doctrine and Covenants that says 'open your mouth and I will give you strength that man cannot know'. Tried that this week and it works! Imagine that, the Lord keeping his promises! We are teaching another teenage guy and a couple other solid people who we are friends with now. one week here and we have been blessed like crazy. Thursday we did splits with Elder quorum pres and mission ward leader, O and I took a WALK all the way out to Thompson pen, like a two hour, two and a half hour walk out there and oh man, I’ve been sore ever since. Walking 11 hours a day will do that to ya! but my feet are getting used to walking and not bicycling again. We talk to so many more people because we walk. I dig it.

In other news, guess who's lactose intolerant?/ me! found that out after two rounds of cheesy pizza... which makes me sad, but I’m over it. It beats being up all night with runny belly. elder Taylor bought a pull up bar and I have a set of perfect pushups from E. Nelson so we are going HARD workin out everyday. I dig it also.

Well fam, things here are great. I miss Halloween for sure, you have to tell me what everyone is for it!! Love you all!!

Elder Romney

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