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Monday, January 2, 2012

It's a new year!

Hello family!
Happy New Year! I can officially say I am coming home next year! :)
I am soooo glad this week is finally here! We get to actually go out and do missionary work! haha Its funny how when all you do is go out everyday you wish you just had a day to relax and do nothing, and then when you get the chance to stay inside you are dying to get out of the house.
As far as the elections go, there was a shooting on Tuesday night downtown, JLP was rallying and PNP came in a shot up the place. 1 dead, 3 injured. We werent down there when it happened thankfully, and we found out about it the next day as we were delivering Christmas goody bags to some members. We came in Wednesday night at 5 for dinner, and then at 6 got a call from our branch president saying there was a curfew on the whole city becasue of the shooting, so we had to stay inside from wednesday night at 5pm until friday at 2pm (friday is our super planning day so we stay in and plan for the up coming week from 10-2). Thursday we cleaned the house up a bit, since we clean it every p-day it stays pretty clean. We have turned into quite the baking duo though. We won a cookie and brownie mix at the Christmas party and had a cake mix and frosting already and baked all three this week... yeah, hasnt been the healthiest eating week every, BUT it was absolutely delicious and helped get us through 45 hours posted up in our house! We played futbol friday night and then saturday had a nice full day of seeing people.
We have a new investigator, she was a referal from a member in the branch and she is awesome. She was being taught by missionaries about 7 years ago, and admitted that at that time she wasn't ready to join yet because of school and things. She's settled down now though, has a cute little kid and married, she coulnd't make it tto church on Sunday but actually called to apologize and ask us when we are coming back to see her. It's pretty exciting! We had a branch council meeting on Sunday and asked that every member or every family pray about one person they know that we could teach. I think its going to be great, we are getting more involved with the members and they are helping us get people to teach. Thats been our biggest struggle lately is finding people. We will have a couple great lessons planned out in a day but the rest is just finding, and the only people that are out in the streets are those who are unemployed and drunk by noon because people who have jobs are at work. Getting the members involved is how to get er done!
We had a really cool experience this week too. As we were leaving the house yesterday to go to church and I just really wanted to break my fast with a dinner appointment instead of Mac and Cheese.. no disrespect to Mac and Cheese, it's a celestial meal for sure, but I was out of kethup and have got in the habit of putting WAY to much jamaican hell hot sauce in it and i end up with watery eyes and sniffing the whole time I'm eating it because it's roasting my mouth...  Elder Taylor always says "Yo Elder Romney, there is NO need to get emotional at a time like this!" haha It's pretty funny, BUT ANYWAYS. We say our prayer before we leave and just ask "if it be thy will, please let us have a dinner appointment". So we get to church, sacrament meeting goes by, gospel principles goes by, priesthood goes by, and nothin comes up. We weren't to put out, a little bummed for Mac and Cheese again but no worries, i love mac and cheese. We had a branch council meeting after church, so it's like 2 o clock now, and Pres. Blake asks Elder Taylor to give the opening prayer. Litterally right as he says amen, Sis. Blake (who we've never even really talked to before) says "Excuse me Elders, I just thought of this, do you have dinner tonight?" We smile "No, no we don't". She's says "Perfect, come over at 5". Prayer answered! Not only though were we blessed with that but we show up and its this gourmet meal! Chicken stuffed with calleloo, fried chicken, beef, rice and peas, mashed potatos with carrots and butter and peas in it, and as much of us as you want! It was soooo nice, the whole family was there talkin and eating, just shootin' the breeze. It was like a dinner appointment back in the states. We finish up dinner, and sure enough, she sends all the left overs home with us AND dessert! Talk about a prayer answered. It was awesome. Definetly the perfect way to end the night and week.
On another note, transfer calls are coming Saturday! Im 99% postive I'm staying, I think Elder Taylor will be outta here, so I might be getting a new companion next Wednesday. We realized too that Elder Taylor and I have spent 4 holidays together! thats pretty nuts, I hope we stay together for one more, he's a homie. I can't think of anything else really! It's crazy, I hit my 6 month mark on friday!! and It's your birthday on Monday! So happy early birthday Mom! Ill attach some pictures of the week, you guys have a great week!! Love you all!
Elder Romney 

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