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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A busy week and new pics


Yes, Elder Taylor and I are very excited to stay together as well.
It's crazy, it always seems like the harder your week is, the better
blessings come out of it. This week actually wasn't terrible, it was
really good. Mission life is so weird. Weeks fly by but days seem like
they go on forever sometimes. We had two full days of teaching this
week which flew by! And by full I mean going from appointment to
appointment without needing to find in the middle of them. Those days
flew by. We had a couple days that just seemed to go on
foooorrreeevvveeerrrr and thats when you look at your week and get
discouraged. BUT there isn't anything to be sad about because we have
two people with baptism dates! And they are very solid. One is an
older lady who is the sweetest lady I think I've ever met. She's
been coming to church every Sunday for 5 months or something like that. 
A really long time she's been meeting
with the missionaries. We loves the gospel, LOVES the Gospel
Principles book and reads it along side the Book of Mormon, she's a
star. We needed to make sure her husband would be supportive of her
choice to be baptised and had a cool experience with that. We just
finished up meeting with someone and had a couple hours before our
next appointment. We were walking up town and just decided to call her
up and see if we could meet. We had meet the day earlier and were just
planning on seeing her at church but we called anyways and asked if we
could come say hello. It wasn't some big sign in the sky being pulled
behind and airplane saying "CALL HER CALL HER CALL HER", just a little
thought, just like the Spirit works. Sure enough we walk over to her
house and her husband is there. He works and lives away from town and
was just in for the day helping her put up a bathroom. We met, started
talking, and asked if he would be supportive of his wife getting
baptised. He said yes, but didn't understand why if she'd been
baptised already why she needed to be baptised again. We had a really
great lesson on authority and how someone gets the authority to
baptise. A great way to explain it is if you're driving down the road
in your car and an ice cream man waves you down and says "Hey Mister,
Im going to write you a ticket. You're going way to fast". You would
say "No way Ice Cream man! You can't write me a ticket because you
don't have the authority". But as you continue down the road a
policeman pulls you over and says "Hey Mister, Im going to write you a
ticket, you're going way to fast". you have to pay the ticket because
why? He has the authority. The ticket is baptism. Anyone can write you
a ticket, but whether or not they have the authority determines if its
valid. Welcome to a lesson with Elder Taylor and Elder Romney! haha

Things are lookin good though.  Another woman about 21, and then
we have recieved 3 refferals from the branch... cha ching! We are

You guys sound like you're having too much fun skiing and boarding!
You remember the one time I went snowboarding with Trev and Morgan and
ended up being slightly concussed? I hope the little nippers and Pops
are better than I was. Do they know how to stop yet? That was the one
thing I never really got a hold of... flying down the bunny hill,
yelling out "MOVE! I CANT STOP!" and then gracefully belly flopping,
starting from about the middle of the hill and ending at the bottom so
I didn't ride out into the parking lot. Gotta love the snow!

Don't worry about getting old mom, I feel the same way. My arm was
sore from carrying my bag of groceries last week.... It's time to jump
back into my push up routine. I bought some perfect pushups from Elder
Nelson in Maypen, they actually work really well... when you use them.
I notice they don't do anything for me when their collecting dust..
funny how that works, eh? :) Also, my hair... let the laughing and
giggling begin but it's becoming uncharacteristacally... thin. I
already checked to see how much Rogaine is here and I about choked on
my candy. Elder Taylor has hair like a wolf... think George Kastanza
versus Jerry Seinfeld... guess who's George haha

Well family I love you! you guys keep up the good work over there, I'll
do the same over here. Attached are some pictures of my six month mark
tie burning (those are my comfy pants, notice how big they look on
me!) a nasty tarantula in the church and a recent convert's birthday
party we were invited too! haha His name is R, he's Sis. D's
son, turning 10. I tell you what, Jamaican's know how to throw a
party. I wasn't sure if I we showed up to a ten year old's birthday
party or a hip hop concert. Music blazing, people and kids dancing, it
was pretty fun!  Love you guys!

Elder Romney

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