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Monday, January 9, 2012

six month mark

Did you like my song? haha Happy 39th birthday!
Im so glad you got my package!! Me and Elder Taylor busted up looking at the pictures you guys sent. Very funny! I already sent Haley another shirt, it's a large, I it looks like the meduim fit, but now you have large for someone to wear if they are feeling like a homie.
This week was pretty regular, besides my 6 month mark! Only 3 more quarters to go! It most definetly has gone by very fast. We went to Burger King to celebrate, and in typical Elder Romney and Elder Taylor fashion, something got ahold of Elder Taylor and wrecked his stomach the next day and my stomach this morning.... NOT doing Burger King anymore! But it was fun, I burned a tie, it was fun! It totally blows my mind that Robbie has been out almost a year! I think it's a year on the 19th or the 12th or something like that. At this time next year, he's gonna be coming home! Crazy. 
Yes, we did get transfer calls and... We're staying! Yep, at least one more transfer here in Sav. Both me and Elder Taylor. After this transfer we will have spent Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years, my 6 month mark, his birthday, valentines day, and maybe his year mark! It's been a busy 3 months and looks like it's going to stay the same. We get transfer calls on the saturday before transfers, transfers themselves are on a Wednesday. No public transportation, the zone leaders come pick you up in their truck and take you to Spanish Town with all your shwag and then you get handed over to your new Zone Leaders and verse visa.
We are excited to be here for at least one more. That investigator I told you about last week, the really awesome one, called us this week and pretty much told us not to come back. Definetly a bust, she's great but I guess not as interested as we thought. That made us sad, but we recieved another refferal from a member last week so we went and checked them. They are cousins of the member, brother and sister, 17 and 15, and are way cool. They are very good at singing! They actually are signed to a record label from America and have done legit gigs. They sang at Kitefest, it was on New Years day here in Sav and they opened for a guy name I-Octane who is one of the biggest names in Jamaica and pretty much all of Sav was there.. This is no gig at the Cretin Hop playing for 6 people and the sound guy haha We talked music for quite a while, shot stories back and forth about gigs and such, I liked it a lot. Some people say that talking about that stuff with investigators isn't why I'm here and isn't very spiritual, but finding things in common with people helps build your relationship with them to start teaching. Investigators aren't just some random person we want to baptise, i've made so many friends here in Jamaica, some who wanted the gospel and some who didn't, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to be friends with them if they aren't ready or don't want the message we have to share. It's cool to be able to walk down the street and amidst all the chatting and swearing at us, we will hear a "Elders!" "or "Missionaries!", turn around and its someone we are teaching or someone we met in the road, just saying whats up. It's pretty sweet!

You guys sound like you're doing well. Can you give Shelby my email address? I'd like hear from that homie.
A couple business things, I am out of batteries here for my camera and buying pack's of AA's is pretty expensive. Maybe in your next package, I know we have some rechargable ones a the house, doyou think you could send those and the charger? That would help me out a lot. Also, you asked what I wanted in packages and all I said was beef jerky and seeds... you can send me anything you want! haha Candy, food, cookies, whatever you'd like. I am accepting to all package items :)
Anyways, thanks for the email, I always love hearing about what is goin on back home. You guys have a great week and I'll catch ya next week! I'll send some pictures too in a different email.
Love you!
Elder Romney

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  1. I love that kid! Happy 6 month mark! Keep up the awesome work!