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Monday, January 23, 2012

Zone Conference

Holy smokes that is so much snow almost overnight!! I remember SCC getting shut down back in the day for school, I loved those days. I think the only reason they close it down is becuase the parking lot wasnt built very well so getting all the snow out of it is a joke. haha
This week was pretty good. It was a slower week it seemed like but it was still good. We had Zone Conference on Tuesday which was really good. Everyone in the zone (Negril, Hopeton, Santa Cruz, Junction, us, Mandeville) plus President and Sister Hendricks and the Assistants came out here to Sav for it. I love listening to President Hendricks. That guy is so funny, not in a slap stick way but a lot like President Monson. He tells a lot of stories to make his point more clear. 

One thing that really stuck out to me that he was talking about is grace. Yes, we are saved by grace, 100% absolutely; but the question really is have we been changed by grace? "Heaven won't be heaven to people who aren't heavenly" was a sweet quote from Pres. Hendricks. We have to let grace change us if we want to live with Heavenly Father again. A lot of people say that we as latter day saints are trying to earn our way into Heaven. Not at all, we are trying to learn Heaven; something else that was a sweet quote from Pres. 

Anways, it was so awesome and it gave me a new outlook on the relationship between us and Jesus Christ. Take a piece of paper, put a dot on top and a dot on bottom. Christ is the top dot, we are the bottom dot. Move your pencil from the bottom slowly up to the top and draw a line where you think we are finished with our part and Christ makes up the rest to the top.... Makes you think, eh? Another awesome quote from Pres. Hendricks, "Christ doesn't make up the difference, he makes all the difference". He takes up all the space between the dots, and we just have to try. Pretty rad! We have the coolest mission president ever, hands down. He will throw this deep docrtine at you and you can soak it in, but by the end he has you crying because you're laughing so hard at his stories. I'm calling it right now, he's going to be a General Authority in my lifetime!
We are still teaching a couple great people. Sis. J is preparing for baptism on Feb, 4th, and she's the only one who's still coming to church consistantly. We had a great referall from the mission headquarters, a man's sister lives in the States and is a member and called the mission office and refered him to us, so we went up about a 20 minute taxi ride, out to the boonies of Sav, and met him. He's awesome! He seems so interested and wanting to know more but he didn't come to church and didn't keep two appointments so that was kinda frusterating. But, this week was still great!
Elder Taylor's birthday was this week! Yessiree, Thursday the old fart was the big 20. So we baked a cake, got a nice deal on some Vitamin Water, and had a legit birthday party with... cake and Vitamin Water haha. It was fun though, I think he had a good birthday. We are goin out to Negril to really celebrate at Margaritaville :) A man can't spend his 20th birthday a KFC! Oh man! Also this week we were helping a member out at the church, trying to find him a another hose so he didn't have to carry a five gallon bucket all over the church to water the plants. So we go out to this little building with chairs and stuff in it, sure enough there is a hose. BUT we go to open the door and BEES come flying at us like we said somethin nasty about their mother! There was litterally probably 30 wasp nests, and bees everywhere. So we get the hose out real quick and close the door... but we have to lock it... and the lock is underneath a metal protective cover... so Elder Taylor and I went straight Steve Erwin/James Bond on this lock. I poked out the wasp nest from inside the lock cover and got down and was trying to lock it up while Elder Taylor was standing behind me swatting bee's left and right with a book... I'm sure from the road people were thinking what in the heck are the white men  up to now... it was hilarious.
I got your guy's package too! Thank you so much! I'm wearing the shirt right now, still smells like a basketball game! Thank you so so so so much! Can't wait to eat all the goodies inside!
I love you guys!! Have a great week, don't get stuck in the snow aaaaaaaand, yep, I love you!!
Elder Romney

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