Elders McCleod and Romney

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We can send Christmas packages! This is different info than I got at the beginning of J's mission!

Some of you have questions about your missionaries and Christmas, so we are writing to let you know the best way to send packages.
It is best to send the packages to our P. O. Box:
Jamaica Kingston Mission
P. O. Box 2316
Kingston 8, Jamaica
We moved our mission office, so please do not send packages to 36 ½ - 38 Red Hills Rd., Kingston 10, Jamaica
Also, be sure and write CHRISTMAS on the box in big bold letters.
Normally packages take 3 or 4 weeks by airmail to get here.  But it does take longer at Christmastime, so plan on sending it by the end of October/first part of November (just to be safe). 
We encourage you to send simple gifts:  clothing, ties, socks, beef jerky (can’t get it here), candy, family photos, and various stocking stuffers.  Also, if you are so inclined, you could send extra items for the local missionaries here, who generally do not get anything from home (label, please).
Please be aware if you send electronics (including cameras) customs fees will probably be charged to your missionary.  Customs opens all packages and charge duty fees on expensive items or items they think you may resell.  Then your missionary has to pay these fees to pick up the package.  We have not had any problems with items being stolen, but packages are opened and inspected.
Thank you so much for doing your part for your missionary to have a wonderful Christmas.  We appreciate all your love and support and prayers.

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