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Monday, October 17, 2011

week 15

This week seems like such a blur! To answer your questions off the top, no, we didnt have any investigators at church that we are teaching, but we had one come from somewhere else, so at 11:15 our time Elder Nelson and I were teaching her about faith and the Word of Wisdom in Gospel Essentials class. But this week was pretty good. It rained a lot. Has there been a hurricane passing by? Because we had some biiiiig rain fall which was awesome to watch. Tuesday night I rode my bicycle in it to get home, talk about wet! It was a lot of fun though. Once you're wet, it doesn't matter how wet you get. But Iearned an important lesson: don't ride through puddles because puddles equal covered up pot holes... yeah... ouch!
I went on a trade off in Old Harbour with Elder Gayle and I tell you what, that guy can cook! We had curry chicken, rice and vegetables. He's a Jamaican, so you know he cooks authentic. I chopped the carrots... and made peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches as an appetizer.... some chef I am, eh? I think when I get home, Pryors is going to have an all new Jamaican addition to the menu with all the food I'm learning how to cook. That was fun, teaching in Old Harbour. Thursday was zone conference. I love zone conference. Spanish Town and Kingston zone all meet in Kingston. It was great, learned a lot.

A story was told about some sister missionaries in Vermont who had been serving the heart of NYC and loved being out in the country, small town area. They were driving up a huge mountain to get to an investigators house out in the middle of no where on some switchback roads. One of the Sisters got the distinct impression to lock the car doors. She ignored it twice, but he third time locked them and told her companion to do so as well. Not 5 seconds after they locked it, they heard a huge thump on the roof of their car and a man was looking down on the windshield and another one on the passenger window. They just kept driving, keeping it cool, and the guys fell off the roof and ran the other way. They made it to the house, got out of the car, and there was a distinct handprint on the handle to the back door. They didn't even notice another man running along side the car trying to open the door.... yeah, crazy story. Moral of the story, follow the Spirit! Don't put off those feelings, especially as a missionary because we are protected when we follow those promptings and need that protection.
Friday night activities are way fun, we're still going. It's a great teaching tool too. Elder Nelson and I aren't harldy ever playing basketball at the same time, one of us is always sitting out, so the one who is sitting out talks to the other guys about the church and stuff. Its good to just get the word out. Nothing has come of it yet, but the seed has been planted.
Ok, time for the big news... Elder Nelson and I are both getting transfered! He is going into Kingston and I'm whitewashing Spanish Town! (Whitewashing is when we are new missionaries, not one who has been in the area at all) I will be with Elder Taylor, who is the man, he served in Linsted which is in our zone so I know him pretty well already. He's actually my brother in missionary language, because your father is your trainer (Elder Nelson) and your second companion is your mother (now Elder Taylor). But Elder Taylor was Elder Nelson's first trainee, making my mother my brother and my father my grandfather.... yeah, my missionary family is whack! Spanish Town will be exciting. It's a big big city, with lots going on. From what I hear its a solid branch with lots of great members, Im so excited! So today we are cleaning our house so its nice for the new missionaries coming. Wednesday is when we are actually leaving Maypen. I'm happy but sad because I was finally getting to know the members and getting places with our investigators, but I know the new missionaries will pick up right where we left off!
Moral of this email: Life is good! You guys sound busy and happy. We don't use Mormon.org as a teaching tool really because no one has internet, but I hear its awesome in the U.S. I love the pics of Mac and Summer and their braces!! They will look so much different when I get back... hope I can recognize them!
Have a great week! Love you!
Elder Romney

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