Elders McCleod and Romney

Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 13 letter

Wa gwan!

I looooooooooved conference! Oh my goodness, I had 12 pages of notes and killed a pen in the process. It was so great. Conference as a missionary is way cooler than conference at home. I didnt want it to end. The two hours seemed so short! But anyways, yes, conference was awesome! One of my favorite talks was  Tad E. Callisters,  talked about the Book of Mormon and the Bible and how its necessary to have a second witness of Jesus Christ. He said "how many straight lines can you draw through this dot? (the dot being the bible)" and you can draw an infinite amount of lines through it, the lines being different churches and interpretations of the Bible. Then he said "How many straight lines can you draw from this dot (the bible) to this dot (the Book of Mormon)?" Just one! We are totally using that in explaining why its so important to have it, it makes so much sence!

This week was also awesome. We felt a lot of love from a lot of people. T, a lady we are teaching who is great, we taught her about chastity and she said she would live it. The next day we went back and her friend started talking about how sex before marriage is what you should do and T was totally opposite and said that it wasnt right... which wasnt the case 2 days earlier! Cha Ching! Then they gave us two stalks of sugarcane, a bundle of green bananas, and a ton of guinep! Ya! Awesome!

Later on in the week Elder Krauss and I are on a trade off and we were fed twice in one night! Double awesome. Our investegators are doing well. It was so cool, Sunday night after conference we were walking up to Mineral Heights, about a 45 minute walk, and a taxi pulls over and we wave him off because we didnt have any fare but lets us in anyway and took us to Mineral Heights. Turns out Elder Nelson knows him and has kinda taught him before, so we got his number and he told us we better call and teach him because he's been wanting to be taught again for a while. Yeah, that was awesome.

This week on cooking with Elder Romney, we will be cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner, but with only one meal! What meal is this would you ask? A beautiful thin called Desparado. Take some flour, put a touch of sugar in it, add water, and fry it up like a pancake! Add some powdered sugar and whalah! You have Elder Romney's staple food! haha Its actually really nice. For everything to make it, it was only $600 and will last me foooorrreeevveerrr. Its safe to say I didnt eat very healthy this week.... President Hendricks brought Elder Nelson and I a healthy amount of Dr. Pepper this week, so that also has been and will be (for quite some time) a lovely treat, I love my mission president. Not just for the DP though, he's the man. He knows how to lead missionaries and lead them as a friend, not someone who is hard to follow. Love that guy!

This week was great. It sounds like you are doing good over there, sorry to here about everyone being a little sick and stressed, just live the Jamaican way: "No problems mon!"

I love you guys!
Elder Romney

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