Elders McCleod and Romney

Monday, October 24, 2011

week 16


Wow, you guys sound wicked busy. The house looks awesome! It doesn't even look like the same house! This week has been pretty crazy. I ended up not leaving Maypen until Saturday because the new Elder's Visa didn't clear, so I stayed with Elder Johnson and showed him around Maypen. Bicycling all the areas we go in three days makes me realize how huge Maypen is. Our area is the whole parish of Clarendon but we only ever go as far as Twin Palms one way, Tollgate the other way, and Hayes to make up the triangle because its about a 1 and a half to two hour bicycle ride out there one way. But it was really fun showing him around, introducing him to some investigators, he and his trainee are whitewashing so I know it was a help to him to have a guide around for 3 days before Elder Nugent got there. 

Spanish Town! President Hendricks came and picked me up Saturday afternoon and dropped of Elder Nugent to the Maypen house, and then we met up with the Zone leaders and Elder Taylor in Spanish Town. Got all unpacked, the house is nice! Washing machine, two bathrooms, a separate study room, a laundry room, kitchen, little living room space where Elder Hitchcock and Elder Colucci study, its a wicked nice house. I was so used to scrubbing out my laundry I forgot how to work a washing machine... but learned real quick :) Talk about a luxury, I love that thing. My clothes all fit properly again and aren't streched out at the neck (my t-shirts) and everything is white! whoo hoo!! Elder Taylor is a boss. I already knew him from being in the same zone and we get along great. We are excited to see what Spain holds for us as we whitewash. We had church yesterday and a meeting with the branch pres., got a couple refferals which was awesome, and are stoked to get out and meet them. We do home teaching in the branch too to the less actives so we have about 12 people to see each month. We are going about this a lot differently just because we are whitewashing I think.  We are using the branch to get refferals and being really involved with them because 80% of baptisms are from member referalls (I dont know how to spell that!) We are pumped to be here! We have a microwave here too and a way to watch a family DVD as well. 

Well I don't have much time this week to email, got lots to do! But know that Elder Romney is one happy camper in Spanish Town! Things are great, I'll have more to email about when things start picking up. Tell everyone I love them and i'll talk to you next week! 

Elder Romney

PS: halloween is not celebrated here, it is for the sake of parties in the tourist towns, but no where else... which is sad because I miss having candy at my disposal!! :)

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