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Monday, October 10, 2011

week 14

Wa gwan family!

You guys sound so crazy busy! Hearing about snow doesn't make me homesick at all actually... its been 78 degrees here and Elder Nelson and I wake up freezing! It was 77 this morning and I wasn't sure what do do with myself... I'm such a nancy! Anything under 80 degrees now and we get a little bit chilled, I never thought I'd say that in my life. It's been pretty rainy here, and by rainy I mean torrential downpour for a couple hours, then nice sunshine again, ADD weather, but its been really nice. We only got soaked once, the other times we were in lessons when the rain came, definitely counting my blessings! Last Monday we played basketball for zone p-day and oh man, I got quite the tan. My little white calves were quite the scene after a couple hours in the deserts of Port More. There isn't any shade in that city for 30 miles all around! Elder Engebrecht is serving there and has the most solid tan out of any of us new missionaries.

This week was what we would call business week. Elder Nelson had to sign some papers in Kingston, so Wednesday the office elders picked us up and we went into "town" (thats what kingston is called here). Talk about a hustle bustle city! It was awesome. There was some mix up with the papers, so we had to go back Thursday as well. It was cool to see so much of Kingston! Coming back to Maypen felt like coming home though, which is nice :)

One really cool thing that happened this week is that we were able to see W who is dying to get baptized, he and his new wifey K. We were walking through Maypen town and he was standing outside a wholesale store, just standing on duty. He wasn't in full uniform so we were crackin joke about casual Friday for the Babylon (police). I cracked a joke asking if I could take his bulletproof vest, and he said "You have more protection that I could ever have with this vest" and pointed to my name tag. The reason that is so cool is because we are hardly ever able to meet with him and K due to their crazy work schedule and the police duo, but you can tell they really are trying to make progress. They read everynight, we gave them some DVD's like The Testament and Finding Faith in Christ and they came to the Relief Society session of conference because they didn't have to work that night. Whats even cooler than that is that we didn't tell them when that session was, so they found out for themselves so they could come. It's so great to see that W has such a strong testimony, despite having things that are getting in his way of being a fully fellowshipped member. When we walked away, I gave Elder Nelson a high five and couldn't help but smile because its true, we have a lot of protection from the Lord behind our little black name tags and I'm grateful for it and that we are able to follow the Spirit to keep us safe. Without it, I think there would most definetly be a lot more scary things about Jamaica, but with it, Jamaica no problem! 
Transfer calls come next Saturday! It's so crazy how fast things are going now. I'm pretty positive I'll be staying in Maypen, which is fine by me because I really like it here. I'm thinking I will be getting a new companion because Elder Nelson has been here for 7 and a half months... which is a crazy long time! 

In other news, I've learned some shaweeeet versions of church hymns. Nearer My God to Thee and We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet are the perfected ones, working on Come Thou Fount and others. Who knew playing hymns could be so sweet? I guess you did mom... all those Sunday's back home asking if I was ever going to learn a hymn or two... I am now! ;)

Well I'm glad to hear things are pretty good at home, just remember, "Ask and ye shall receive, knock, and it shall be opened unto you". Scripture of the week! haha I'm sending some pictures because I figured out how to make them smaller. They are of the drive to Kingston, some pretty sunsets, and a couple other things, I don't really remember haha

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